The gift of an endowed scholarship provides the WLHS Foundation with a permanent asset from which students can receive financial aid. The gift becomes a fund managed by the WLHS Foundation, whose investment objective is to achieve growth that is sufficient to preserve the value of the gift so the annual award is not diminished by inflation.

Below is a list of the endowed scholarships currently helping to build tomorrow's Christian leaders at Wisconsin Lutheran High School:

  • George Bauman Memorial Scholarship
  • Cairns Family Scholarship
  • Walter F. & Lillian M. Drost Mentored Christian Scholarship
  • Dr. Walter H. Drost Honors Scholarship
  • Wilmer and Ida Guenther Scholarship
  • Jim and Loie Guenther Scholarship
  • Raymond Heisler Memorial Scholarship
  • Jeske Family Scholarship
  • Charles and Ruth Kirst Family Scholarship
  • Eileen Kolander Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert and Olive Krause Scholarship
  • Rev. Albert & Elva Lorenz Ministerial Endowed Scholarship
  • Ray Mueller Memorial Scholarship
  • Daniel Nitschke Scholarship
  • Herb and Erna Nitschke Scholarship
  • Rudolph and Pauline Pede Memorial Scholarship
  • Kent and Christine Raabe Scholarship
  • Richard G. Raabe, Sr. and Lorraine Raabe Scholarship
  • Ernest Schick Memorial Scholarship
  • Virgil Schultz Memorial Scholarship
  • Earl & Ann Bruss Memorial Scholarship
  • Reinemann Family Scholarship
  • Gerhardt and Anna Schmeling Memorial Scholarship
  • Frank Stuebs Scholarship
  • Larry and Gayle Totsky Scholarship
  • Ron and Carol Unke Scholarship
  • Waldschmidt Family Legacy Fund
  • Robert Andreas Memorial Scholarship
  • Karen Bartholomew Memorial Scholarship
  • Steve and Heidi Bohlmann Family Scholarship
  • Quint Music Scholarship
  • Ruehle Family Church Leadership Scholarship
  • Festerling Family Scholarship
  • Good Shepherd Scholarship Fund
  • Roger Wolfgram Memorial Scholarship
  • Ernie and Margaret Lehninger Memorial Scholarship

The minimum principal balance required to establish an endowed scholarship is $25,000. Initial contributions may be made in lesser amounts with no awards made to students until the minimum of $25,000 is reached. Subsequent additions may be contributed at any time in any amount.

The WLHS Foundation invites you to consider endowing a scholarship for future Wisconsin Lutheran High School students. For more information, please contact Kristine Metzger (WLHS '72) at (414) 453-4567 ext. 2011 or