"What prompted me to support WLHS is my love of God, the love of the Christ-redeemed teenagers, and the love for our dear Wisconsin Lutheran High School." — Ray Mueller


"We simply love the ministry of the WLHS Foundation! After we had children, we determined it was a good time to set up our estate plans. Working with our attorney, it was easy to set-up a bequest for the WLHS Foundation and provide for our children should something happen to us both. Not only was the gift easy to set up, it's the right thing to do. God gave us all that we have; you can't take it with you. Ensuring that future generations will have a Christian education is important to Michelle and me. Leaving a legacy gift to the WLHS Foundation supports our goals of Christian stewardship. We encourage more young couples to set up your estate plans; you'll have more peace of mind knowing that your children and your charities will be well cared for when you are called to Heaven!" — Rich and Michelle Mannisto


"WLHS can do a great deal to win souls for Christ. Students during their high school years are extremely impressionable and are at one of the riskiest times of their lives. The pressures on them are immense and their experience dealing with those pressures are minimal. The impact WLHS can have on these kids is enormous. In addition, in recent years the Lord has given WLHS a wonderful opportunity to reach souls that otherwise may not know their Savior through the School Choice program. So now, WLHS can play both offence and defense winning souls for Christ!" — Mark and Wendy Reinemann


"I was blessed to receive a good elementary school education my first four years in a public school in New Jersey where we first lived after my parents and I emigrated from Germany. Then when we moved to Milwaukee in 1957, we immediately became members of St. Marcus Lutheran Church and my parents were delighted to be able to send me to St. Marcus Lutheran School because it was Christian. My parents were adament in continuing my Christian education at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. 

My motivation for education—especially Christian education—comes from my mother and father. All their lives they stressed the important of "Schule." They grew up in a sporadic and then non-existent education environment. They were poorly educated because they grew up at a time and in a country that denied its children the wonderful experience of learning and eventually were persecuted for their Christian beliefs. I could tell that they never felt it a financial burden to send me to Christian schools.

Now the cause to help the future of Wisconsin Lutheran High School has a dual motivation: my parents' love for Christian education and my own love for Wisconsin Lutheran High School. To see the wonderful results in the children who go to school here just makes me honored to be a part of it all."  — Lilli Gust


"My husband, Steve, and I had the blessing of a Christian high school education, our children had the blessing of a Christian high school education, and the WLHS Foundation allows us to partner with others to ensure that blessing continues for future generations. That's an awesome legacy! And one that is close to our hearts!

Our children made amazing friends at Wisco that they have to this day. It's a special blessing to see these friendships continue to grow. We are so thankful for the lifelong friendships they formed at Wisco.

Wisco has impacted the nation and the world in many ways. All you have to do is look at the Hall of Fame to see the accomplishments of Wisco alum. And Wisco grads also impact their homes, neighborhoods, churches, work places and communities on a daily basis by their quiet witness to others through their words and actions. They share their light for everyone to see!

We are so glad we can help encourage others to support Wisco now and in the future through their prayers and gifts!"  — Doris Pertzsch